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Zoo Digital started out on the tail end of over 10 years in the digital industry, where we noticed a trend for exorbitant agency pricing, slow turn around times and more time spent in meetings than simply doing the work. We don’t have on site masseuses, unlimited coffee and unpaid interns. What we do have is proven experience and certification, fast turn around times and an intrinsic knowledge of clients needs. We’re creators from the heart and we’d love to help your company reach it’s full potential through the power of digital. Don’t take our word for it though, we’ll leave that up to our clients. The digital industry is wild, and we’re here to tame it for you.


Want to know what our latest news is. Want to know whats happening in the industry and what the next big thing is?

The world is searching for you yet it seems to be a game of “Where’s Wally?”. We offer a comprehensive Google Ads program to ensure that your services appear in front of the very people that need you so your business thrives and continues to grow. More info

For many of us, building products and businesses is the easier part of the work process. Conveying what your business encompasses can lead to frustration for many business owners. Our copywriting services start with gaining a full understanding of your business, the processes, people and purpose and we’ll turn it into the copy that you’ve always dreamed of.

We design WordPress websites that focus on the user, as the user comes first. We plan, design and develop web solutions that achieve goals whether it’s a simple and effective portfolio website or an E-commerce website aimed at selling at scale.

So you have a bunch of customers and want to keep them. You want to communicate to them autonomously and protect and improve your revenue. We use Marketing Automation and CRM to do this. More info

Mobile is now ubiquitous and apps have become the go-to way to access content and make purchases on your phone or tablet. From the design process including storyboards and visual prototypes to the development and quality assurance and testing, you’ll have access to our team and process every step of the way.

Email marketing is one of the most targeted and effective ways to keep customers engaged and in touch with what’s happening with your products or services. We build email marketing lists, create content plans, manage schedules and provide detailed reports on the effectiveness of campaigns.

We design content plans based on your specific goals and targets with an all encompassing approach that includes copywriting, photography and strategy.

We create visuals and copy for ads then target them to the people who are looking for your products. This is done through targeting clients by location, gender, age and interests. We then refine this further using a Facebook pixel on your website as well as creating custom audiences through email addresses of any clients that have contacted you in the past.

Running a business effectively means focusing on the important things and not dealing with the boring, time-wasting admin. Mail server and website server management probably is a task you really don’t want to get involved in unless you know what you’re doing. Thankfully we take care of this. We’re on hand at all times to ensure everything is running smoothly so you can focus on taking care of business.

E-commerce has taken over globally, and the power of it can be seen in the decline of retail shopping with the older giants of the industry closing down. We provide e-commerce development that allows your customers to shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our solutions provide secure payment and privacy, ensuring peace of mind for your clients.


We keep our processes simple and effective so that you can focus on your business without wasting excessive time. We want you to be running the aspects of your business that you are experts, we’ll take care of the rest.


We don’t know you yet, and you don’t know us but we promise we’re cool. We’re not all terrifying boardrooms and fluorescent lights and if you’d prefer to meet up in a coffee shop or grab a beer while we discuss our work, we’re up for it.

It’s really important for us to get to know our clients personally to understand their business needs and get to know them and getting to know each other face to face gives us confidence, and we trust it gives you the confidence to handle your business online.


Once we’ve met up and discussed your needs we’ll get onto the best part; creating the concepts that are going to drive your business forward.

Whether it’s a visual project that’s going to get your wine brand noticed, an e-commerce platform to sell your products or digital advertising to sell your services, the creative concept is the part that excites us most.


Work work work! First of all we love what we do so the process where we need to put the long hours in is a treat because we know what the end results will look like.

We’re a small team and we don’t take on a disastrous number of projects that we can’t handle. This way, you’re kept up to date along the production process and have access to the work.


We’ve spent time together and we want you to be happy with the results we’ve produced! With a long list of happy clients already, we know we’ll deliver on your expectations.

This isn’t goodbye,  it’s rather “See you later”. We look forward to working again with you in the near future.



We prefer working rather than just talking about working, so we’ll let our list of happy clients speak for us.


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Zoo Digital, helped us drive new sales leads into our business. We have seen a massive improvement in quality and quantity of enquiries coming in via our website.

Wayne, Lamin8.


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When we needed a website as well as ongoing email marketing for The Safari Club, Jeremy and Sean were there to do everything for us at every step of the way. They flew into Johannesburg to meet with us and our staff and really got to know everything about us before they got to work. We continue to work with Zoo Digital and couldn't ask for a better team to handle our marketing.

Alastair, The Safari Club.


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Zoo developed a new website for us. Our old website was a bit dated and didn’t showcase us as a leading technical supplier. Once the website was completed they took over managing our Google Ads, our leads have increased substantially especially from central Africa.

Scip, SA Power.

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Drop us a message below and we’ll get back to you. Because were in Cape Town, things might take a little longer 😉


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