Chattanooga Whiskey

Chattanooga Whiskey is an innovative whiskey distillery located in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. Known for rewriting century-old distilling laws through their “Vote Whiskey” campaign, the company has established two distilleries: the Experimental Distillery and the Riverfront Distillery.

Case Study: Enhancing Chattanooga Whiskey’s Digital Presence with Zoo Digital


Chattanooga Whiskey, an innovative distillery, is based in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. Famous for its “Vote Whiskey” campaign, it operates two distilleries.


The distillery required a digital platform that could reflect its pioneering spirit, engage a global audience, and streamline access to its services.

Solutions and Implementation

WordPress Website Development

Zoo Digital developed a robust website using WordPress. This platform was chosen for its versatility and powerful features. The website reflects the unique essence of Chattanooga Whiskey and includes design elements from the “Vote Whiskey” campaign. It combines rich visuals with an intuitive layout, inviting visitors to explore the world of whiskey craftsmanship.

Database Optimization

Zoo Digital also focused on enhancing the website’s backend. By optimizing the database, they ensured the site could handle high traffic, maintain fast response times, and provide reliable access. This optimization is crucial for whiskey enthusiasts seeking information on products, tours, and events.

Hosting and Server Upgrades

To accommodate high traffic volumes, Zoo Digital upgraded the hosting solutions. They selected robust servers that guarantee high uptime, faster site speed, and enhanced security. This ensures the website remains operational and secure, even during peak periods.

Store Locator Functionality

A user-friendly store locator was integrated into the website. This feature helps visitors quickly find retail locations and bars stocking Chattanooga Whiskey. It enhances customer convenience and boosts both online and offline sales.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

Finally, Zoo Digital implemented a drag-and-drop page builder. This tool allows Chattanooga Whiskey’s team to easily customize pages and update content without technical help. It enables them to keep the website as dynamic and innovative as their distillery operations.


Through these digital enhancements, Zoo Digital has significantly amplified Chattanooga Whiskey’s online presence. They have set a new standard for leveraging digital technology in the distillery industry, aligning the brand’s digital and innovative spirits.

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