Mutt Motorcycles South Africa

Mutt Motorcycles South Africa is a motorcycle company that specializes in creating custom-designed bikes that blend classic style with modern engineering. Their motorcycles are tailored for riders who appreciate unique design and reliable performance, suitable for both urban and off-road adventures. The brand aims to deliver motorcycles that stand out for their personality and craftsmanship, offering a distinctive riding experience for enthusiasts across South Africa.

Case Study: Digital Innovation for Mutt Motorcycles South Africa with Zoo Digital


Mutt Motorcycles South Africa specializes in custom-designed bikes that blend classic style with modern engineering. These motorcycles cater to riders who value unique design and reliable performance, ideal for both urban and off-road adventures.


The company needed a robust online platform that matched their bespoke products and enhanced digital customer engagement.

Solutions and Implementation

Web Development Using Shopify

Zoo Digital led the redesign of Mutt Motorcycles’ online presence, developing a sleek, user-friendly website on Shopify. This platform streamlined customization and purchasing processes. The website’s intuitive interface reflects the brand’s unique quality, making the user journey from curiosity to customer seamless and engaging.

Paid Media on Social Channels

Zoo Digital also crafted a targeted paid media strategy on social channels to increase brand visibility and engagement. The campaigns, aimed at enthusiasts of unique and custom motorcycles, showcased the blend of classic and modern designs.

Live Reporting

Furthermore, Zoo Digital implemented live reporting tools to monitor campaign performance in real time. This allowed for rapid adjustments and provided immediate insights into the marketing effectiveness.

Community Management

Additionally, engaging with motorcycle enthusiasts was paramount. Zoo Digital’s strategy focused on actively responding to queries and fostering discussions, thus enhancing customer retention and satisfaction.

Social Content

Finally, the content strategy was carefully designed to resonate with the spirit of Mutt Motorcycles. Zoo Digital produced compelling, visually appealing content that not only showcased the motorcycles’ individuality but also evoked the sensory experience of riding.


These strategic digital efforts have not only elevated Mutt Motorcycles South Africa’s online presence but also set a new standard for leveraging digital tools to amplify a brand’s essence.


Through Zoo Digital’s innovative strategies, Mutt Motorcycles South Africa has successfully expanded its digital footprint and engaged more deeply with its target market. The dynamic online platform, effective social media campaigns, and robust community engagement have transformed how the brand interacts with customers, driving growth and enhancing market presence.

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