Roots Butcheries

Roots Butcheries is a prominent South African butchery chain known for providing high-quality meat products at retail and wholesale levels. With over 90 retail locations, including both Roots Grills and Roots Butcheries, the company has established a strong presence nationwide

Case Study: Elevating Digital Engagement for Roots Butcheries with Zoo Digital


Roots Butcheries stands as a leading butchery chain in South Africa, offering high-quality meats at retail and wholesale levels. The brand commands a strong presence with over 90 locations nationwide.


The brand faced a significant setback when hackers compromised their social media accounts, threatening customer engagement and reputation. Immediate action was essential.

Solutions and Implementation

Social Media Account Restoration

Upon discovering the compromised accounts, Zoo Digital quickly stepped in. They skillfully navigated platform protocols and boosted security measures to recover and fortify the accounts against future threats. This prompt action maintained uninterrupted communication with customers.

Content Planning and Strategy Workshop

Additionally, Zoo Digital conducted a workshop to realign digital content with the company’s business goals. They developed a strategic content calendar that highlighted monthly specials, fostered community engagement, and provided educational content about products. Consequently, this strategy significantly boosted online engagement and brand loyalty.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Communication

Moreover, Zoo Digital introduced a WhatsApp chatbot to streamline direct communication with customers. This innovative tool sends automated messages about monthly specials directly to customers’ phones and efficiently handles inquiries and orders. As a result, it has become essential in enhancing customer service and driving sales through personalized, timely interactions.


The restoration of the social media accounts allowed Roots Butcheries to resume their digital marketing efforts seamlessly. The strategic content planning increased online engagement and cemented customer loyalty, while the chatbot revolutionized how the company communicates with and serves its clientele.


Through targeted digital enhancements, Zoo Digital has significantly uplifted the digital presence of Roots Butcheries. They have set a new industry standard for leveraging digital innovations to enhance customer interaction and ensure security in the retail sector. The company now benefits from robust security measures, a dynamic online presence, and an innovative approach to customer communication, securing its continued growth and customer satisfaction.

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