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Zoo Digital’s Custom Solution for Integrating Shopify with Google Analytics 4

Introduction to Shopify and Google Analytics Integration

Many businesses choose Shopify for its user-friendliness and comprehensive e-commerce features. However, integrating Shopify with the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) poses a challenge. Unlike its predecessor, Universal Analytics (UA), GA4 does not natively support seamless migration of e-commerce data.

The Challenge with Shopify’s GA4 Data Integration

Shopify operates excellently out of the box, but it lacks a straightforward method to integrate with GA4. This becomes problematic as Universal Analytics will be phased out in July 2022, as detailed here. Migrating directly using the available tools often results in the loss of crucial e-commerce data such as product sales and revenue—key metrics for any online store.

Zoo Digital’s Bespoke Solution

Understanding the critical nature of this data, Zoo Digital has developed a bespoke solution that facilitates the migration of Shopify stores to GA4 while preserving e-commerce data integrity. This solution allows GA4 to read Shopify data effectively and supports running UA in parallel until its discontinuation in July 2022.

Benefits of Early Migration

Migrating early to GA4 with Zoo Digital’s solution is advised. It allows ample time for data gathering and audience development. It’s important to note that while the migration tool transfers some data, audiences need to be rebuilt in GA4. Early migration provides the necessary time for these audiences to mature and become effective for marketing strategies.

Implementation Process

Zoo Digital’s solution does not rely on third-party tools or plugins, ensuring a secure and direct integration. This approach involves a one-time migration cost but promises significant long-term benefits by retaining full e-commerce functionality and data accuracy.


For Shopify store owners, transitioning to GA4 is crucial but can be fraught with data integration issues. Zoo Digital offers a custom solution that ensures a smooth transition, allowing businesses to continue leveraging their e-commerce data without interruption.

Contact Zoo Digital for Implementation

If you are running a Shopify store and want to transition to GA4 while maintaining your e-commerce data and utilizing UA until July 2022, Zoo Digital can help. Contact us to discuss how our bespoke solution can be implemented for your business.

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