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Google Analytics 4

Navigate the Transition to Google Analytics 4 with Our Expert Migration Services

Introduction to Google Analytics 4

Google is revolutionizing its analytics with the launch of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). With Universal Analytics (UA) set to shut down in July 2023, transitioning to GA4 is crucial to prevent data loss. You can find more about this significant update here.

The Importance of Early Migration

Transitioning early to GA4 is crucial to avoid losing valuable business metrics such as traffic sources, volume, and audience segments. By migrating sooner, businesses can accumulate more data in GA4, enabling better-informed decisions based on comprehensive analytics.

Our Comprehensive Migration Services

Our expert team ensures a smooth transition by running Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 in parallel until the cutoff in July 2023. This is our migration process:

  • Setting Up a New Property: We will create a new GA4 property to ensure seamless data management.
  • Managing User Access: We will grant access to the new system to all current users to maintain operational efficiency.
  • Migrating Goals and Events: We will recreate essential conversions, goals, and event tracking in GA4.
  • Transferring Audience Segments: We will accurately migrate all your audience segments to GA4.
  • Testing and Confirming Data Flow: We will conduct rigorous testing to confirm that all data streams are correctly set up and flowing into GA4.

Why You Should Migrate to GA4

If you do not migrate to GA4, you risk losing access to your current data, which could hinder your ability to understand and leverage your digital metrics effectively. The new GA4 platform offers enhanced integration, better user privacy controls, and more versatile reporting features, essential in today’s data-driven marketing landscape.

Get Expert Help with Your Migration

Ready to switch to Google Analytics 4 but unsure where to start? Our team is here to guide you through every step of the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition so you can continue to capture and analyze crucial data seamlessly.

For assistance with migrating to Google Analytics 4, contact us today.

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