Capture business leads on Facebook and immediately send them a discount coupon

Facebook Lead Automation

Optimizing Lead Capture on Facebook with Immediate Rewards: A Case Study by Zoo Digital

Introduction to Effective Lead Generation

In the competitive digital marketing landscape, efficiently capturing business leads is crucial. Known for their expertise in digital strategies, Zoo Digital has developed an innovative solution that enhances lead generation on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Seamless Integration for Lead Capture

Zoo Digital designed an integration layer for a client that simplifies the process of collecting leads. This solution uses Facebook’s lead ads to capture users’ pre-stored email addresses and phone numbers directly within the platform. By doing so, it ensures a user-friendly experience with minimal drop-off, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Incentivizing User Engagement

Increasing the effectiveness of this strategy, it’s essential to offer compelling incentives. In this case, Zoo Digital’s client provided a R100 discount coupon to encourage user participation. This incentive not only appeals to users but also rewards them immediately, enhancing their satisfaction and engagement.

Streamlined Coupon Delivery Process

Upon capturing a lead, the integration performs several key actions:

  1. It displays a generic coupon code on the final confirmation screen.
  2. It automatically creates a new user account on the client’s website, requiring no additional input from the user.
  3. It instantly sends the coupon via email, reducing customer frustration and facilitating a seamless checkout process.

Automation and User Experience Enhancement

Zoo Digital automates the import of user details into Shopify, ensuring efficient account setup. After creating the account, the system sends a welcome email from Shopify along with the discount coupon, instantly acknowledging the signup. This process not only delights new leads but also integrates them swiftly into the client’s marketing ecosystem.

Expanding the User Database

This approach immediately grows the user database in Mailchimp, enabling the client to effectively engage new leads with future marketing campaigns.


Zoo Digital’s strategy for capturing business leads on Facebook and delivering immediate rewards demonstrates how digital marketing can be both user-friendly and highly effective. By integrating lead capture with instant rewards, they enhance user engagement and streamline the customer journey.

Need Expert Digital Marketing Assistance?

If your business aims to enhance lead generation and customer engagement through innovative digital solutions, consider partnering with Zoo Digital. Their expertise in creating effective marketing strategies can drive remarkable results.

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