SA Power deploys Hubspot to manage their CRM

HubSpot CRM Integration for SA Power Services

SA Power Services is a longstanding client of ours, renowned for their professional service and expertise within the process line automation / factory automation industry they manage and assist multi-national corporations streamline and automate their production lines.

SA Power Services operates across South Africa and are the only representatives for Lenze in Southern Africa.

When Zoo Digital took over their website development and management, we identified a gap in their quotation process. We decided to streamline it utilizing Pipedrive as a first iteration.

With the evolution of their domains for both South Africa and Africa we believed it was time to upgrade their CRM system to the next level.

With customer solutions at their core believe we needed to make it as easy as possible for customers to receive support, service, or quotations.

We utilized HubSpot Sales Hub professions to implement the following solutions for them

  • Migrate all data points from Pipedrive to HubSpot
  • Setup and configure both domains South Africa and Africa
  • Configure data points and properties to allow for seamless reporting on lead source, deal value and business unit
  • Integrated Google Analytics and Google Ads for lead cost attribution.
  • Setup a communications bot for quotations and technical support.
  • Setup lead management cycle for internal distribution (sales & support)
  • Setup automated workflows for internal process management and notifications
  • Setup reporting dashboard for internal performance management
Live Chat Support

The entire CRM environment is entirely scalable allowing for additional domains to be connected at a later stage as well as additional modules to be incorporated i.e Quotation and Invoicing.

Whilst HubSpot can be seen as a relatively expensive monthly cost when your paying in US$ it can be seen as a critical tool connecting you directly to your customer.

The interface allows the sales representative to see the entire customers communication history at a glance, it allows for smart communications and bulk 1 to 1 communications enhancing customer relations.

This would be a full-time responsibility for an internal employee and would take a huge amount of time and compliance to achieve the accuracy of a system like this.

Lastly live 1 to 1 communication can be handles via the chat bot interface anywhere and remotely via the HubSpot App which can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

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