AWS mail to GSuite or Google Workspace

Google Workspace Migration

Optimizing Business Communication: AWS to Google Workspace Migration

Introduction to Google Workspace Migration

As businesses grow and their needs evolve, the tools they use must evolve too. For many, migrating from AWS Mail to Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) represents a strategic move to enhance internal collaboration and communication capabilities.

Holisticly’s Challenge with AWS Mail

Holisticly, a tech startup focused on health improvement and online practitioner bookings, initially adopted AWS Simple Email Service for their email and calendar needs across three domains. However, as their team expanded, the limitations of AWS in handling document management, calendar coordination, and resource management became apparent.

Zoo Digital’s Strategic Recommendation

Having consulted for Holisticly for two years, Zoo Digital identified these growing pains and recommended a migration to Google Workspace. This recommendation was aimed at leveraging Google Workspace’s superior collaboration tools and security features.

Google Workspace Migration

Research and Decision-Making

Initial investigations revealed scarce information on migrating from AWS to Google Workspace. Furthermore, outsourcing the migration to a certified Google Workspace partner was deemed cost-prohibitive. Faced with these challenges, Zoo Digital proposed an innovative solution.

Migration Execution by Zoo Digital

About 22 email accounts needed to be transferred. To minimize disruption, Zoo Digital scheduled the migration for a weekend. They employed proprietary software and leveraged their in-depth knowledge to ensure a seamless transition. Remarkably, the process was completed with zero downtime and no business interruptions.

Cost-Effective and Efficient Migration

The expertise of Zoo Digital allowed Holisticly to achieve this transition at a fraction of the cost quoted by certified partners. This cost efficiency underscores Zoo Digital’s capability to provide high-quality solutions that are both effective and economical.

Benefits of Migrating to Google Workspace

Post-migration, Holisticly experienced enhanced document management, more robust security features, and improved scheduling and resource management. Google Workspace facilitated a more integrated approach to internal communications, significantly boosting productivity and collaboration among team members.


The migration from AWS Mail to Google Workspace can transform an organization’s internal operations and communication strategies. For companies like Holisticly, this shift means not only improved efficiency but also a stronger foundation for future growth.

Partner with Zoo Digital

Zoo Digital’s expertise in complex migrations like AWS to Google Workspace proves invaluable for businesses aiming to enhance their technological infrastructure without disrupting daily operations. If your organization is considering a similar migration, partnering with Zoo Digital can ensure a smooth, cost-effective transition.

For expert guidance and support in migrating from AWS to Google Workspace, contact Zoo Digital today.

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