AWS mail to GSuite or Google Workspace

Migrating AWS Mail to Gsuite / Google Workspace

Holisticly is tech startup platform allowing users to improve their overall health and book sessions with practitioners all online from their mobile device.

During their initial launch and setup, they decided to utilize AWS Simple email service to manage their internal email and calendars across three domains.

As time progressed and more staff were recruited and onboarded it became necessary to improve their internal processes for document management, calendar and resource management and their overall internal security.

Zoo Digital has been consulting for Holisticly for the past 2 years and suggested migrating their entire email system to Gsuite or now knows as Google Workspace to improve internal collaboration and communication.

Initial research showed us that there was little to no information online about migrating AWS to Gsuite / Google Workspace. Secondary to that it was not cost effective to outsource the migration to a certified Google Workspace partner.

There were roughly 22 email accounts that needed migrating and to reduce downtime we decided to process the migration over a weekend.

Utilizing proprietary software and knowledge Zoo Digital managed to successfully migrate all accounts over from AWS Mail to Gsuite resulting in zero downtime and zero business interruptions. During this process we also managed to complete the entire transition at a 10th of the price that a certified partner had quoted us.

If you would like assistance with migrating your mail from AWS to Gsuite get in contact with us below.

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