Is it worth creating organic content?

Organic Reach

Evaluating the Value of Organic Content in Modern Digital Marketing

Introduction to Organic Content Strategy

The digital marketing landscape is continually evolving, posing a critical question: Is creating organic content still worth the effort? At Zoo Digital, we’ve given this considerable thought and believe in guiding our clients towards the most effective strategies.

Declining Organic Reach on Social Platforms

Historically, businesses heavily invested in organic content on platforms like Facebook and Meta, aiming to enhance visibility through frequent posts and “likes.” However, this strategy’s effectiveness has waned. As of July 2023, the engagement rate for an organic Facebook post may be as low as 1.52%. This suggests that only about one or two followers out of a hundred actually engage with each post.

The Challenge with Organic Content

Creating organic content still demands a significant amount of time, creative effort, and budget. Unfortunately, these investments now yield minimal visibility returns. This reality prompts a shift in strategy to more sustainable and impactful alternatives.

Strategic Shift to Paid Media

Zoo Digital advises a strategic pivot from primarily organic content to a balanced approach that emphasizes paid media. This shift allows businesses to maximize their reach with less content but greater precision in targeting and engagement.

Practical Application and Client Success

For instance, we recently collaborated with a local startup possessing an extensive content library. After reviewing their budget, we recommended a temporary shift away from relying solely on organic content. Our strategy focused on building a solid organic audience initially, which lays the groundwork for sustainable engagement. This approach ensures that there is genuine interest in the brand before more substantial investments are made.

Balancing Organic and Paid Media

While organic content serves as a display window showcasing your brand to passersby, paid media acts like targeted flyers distributed in a shopping mall to draw consumers directly into your store. This analogy illustrates the dual roles each type of content plays within a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Conclusion: Leveraging Expertise for Effective Content Strategy

Organic content still has its place, primarily in nurturing and maintaining customer relationships, but its role in customer acquisition and rapid growth is increasingly limited without support from paid campaigns. At Zoo Digital, we specialize in creating balanced marketing plans that utilize both organic and paid strategies to optimize reach and engagement effectively.

Need Professional Guidance?

If you require assistance with optimizing your content strategy or implementing effective media planning, Zoo Digital is here to help. Reach out to us for expert advice tailored to your business’s unique needs and objectives.

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