Google Shopping for WordPress and WooCommerce

What is it?

We launched Google Shopping for our client Beds from Home, their site runs on WooCommerce and WordPress and has only recently launched.

Google Shopping displays search results in image format within Google. This allows the users to simply click on the image and go directly to the product page. We have seen a huge increase in sales conversions using this type of campaign.

Google displays the products image and its price, allowing quick comparison from the search results. You can see an example of this below.

Google Shopping Example Image

With a single click users land on the actual product page, from there they can add to their cart and checkout.

As a result

  • Google Shopping reduces the clicks needed to purchase a product
  • Allows quick comparison without leaving Google
  • Increases visitability of your product
  • It showcases your company name

What does it cost?

Probably the most important question, whilst we only launched our campaign a couple of weeks ago and have seen roughly a 1000 clicks and have had the advert displayed to over 100 000 people. This for a total advertising cost of roughly R3000.00

The above metrics can be pulled into a live reporting using Google Data Studio allowing our customers to see how their money is being spent and what return they are getting back.

Get in contact with us today if you would like us to set this up for your business.

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