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In a nutshell


Google Ads is an online advertising platform, where companies and people can pay to display advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate APP downloads within Google search results and the Google ad network.


Whenever someone types a word into Google looking for something we can pay to have adverts displayed to these users. Imagine someone is looking new soccer boots, we would pay for the word “soccer boots” and have our advert displayed.


How can it help?


There are many uses for Google Ads and PPC advertising, two of the main uses are for online E-commerce stores to help increase transactions and sales online. The second main use for them is to find new customers and help generate new business leads for your business.


Google Ads Example
Example of Google Ads for Woodworking Tools


A brief examples as mentioned before would be using it to generate sales online. Imagine someone types in “Soccer Boots Buy Online” we would bid on these key word string and aim to have our advert displayed to the users. We can further optimise the advert by adjusting our bid for, location, device, time of day and day of week.


When we link Google Analytics back into the system we are able to accurately report back on sales generated by keyword and what the total cost of sale was. When this is overlaid with other data sets we can start optimising for the best performing segments and ultimately work toward the goal of having your return outperform your cost.


Why Zoo?


Zoo helps a multitude of companies drive both E-commerce sales and business leads. Our first steps are to understand your business, your objectives and what challenges you face. We start off with a monthly test budget to discover the markets reception and guage your overall performance.


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