Using Google Data Studio for Automated Weekly Performance Reviews

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We get it, you would prefer to be sitting on the beach or reading a book instead of pouring over Analytics data to see how your website / store is doing.

One way of working smarter is by automating a weekly comparative report that gets emailed to you.

Using Google Data Studio you can review important numbers and compare them to each other. You can do this daily, weekly or monthly. Typically, we review data sets weekly to see if we are improving and what the numbers are doing.

Normally, we review, Users, New Users, CPC, Cost and Revenue. When you compare these weekly and include a green or red indicator you can quickly see how things are going.

Google Data Studio Report Example
Google Data Studio Report Example

With a brief review you can see if anything needs your attention. Most critically we keep closer tabs on spend and revenue. We use this to measure how our targeted monthly spend is progressing and if we need to decrease or increase our spend.

These reports are housed in Google Data Studio and integrate seamlessly with most platforms and services.

In addition to the weekly snapshot results we also build live reporting dashboards, these are real time reports on metrics that matter to you. Most of the time these would be spend, leads and revenue. We can customize these to meet most business requirements.

They are insanely useful as they allow for complete transparency and ownership of performance by your digital agency.

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