Custom build or Shopify?

We have been using Shopify more and more over the past year, I’m going to layout a couple of reasons when its best placed to use vs a custom build or WooCommerce

First off, there is a monthly cost to use the Shopify platform, costs can be found here. With WordPress and WooCommerce you only pay for hosting.

Shopify is really easy to use and quick to setup. There is a bunch on online support documentation and guides on how to configure your site. Chances are that if your looking to do something, someone else has already done it and its online.

Shopify requires minimal to no technical knowledge and coding; it uses a simple config panel and allows you to see sales results and metrics without intricate tracking configuration.



It syncs well with advertising platforms like Facebook and Google, it actually comes with the ability to create a shopping feed and create Google Shopping Ads out the box. Super easy and again no coding knowledge needed.


Its mobile friendly and is responsive from the get-go, no need to cross device test and make sure it looks good on your phone.


It scales really easily; you can load 10 products or 10 000 products without the need to increase server capacity or resources. Which means no expensive serve costs.


Its pre-configured to work with all the local payment gateways, see list here.


In closing if you’re looking to develop a rapid E-commerce website without major customization and custom functionality this should be at the top of your list when it comes to a CMS System.


You could get an ecommerce site up and running in a couple of hours and start selling quickly.


However, if you’re looking for custom builds, special logic & functionality or you’re looking for a specific design you should then look at WooCommerce.


Contact us if you’re unsure and we would be more than happy to guide you.