CRM and Marketing Automation

What is it and why do I need it?


In the age-old analogy, we all know it’s cheaper to retain a client than it is to get a new one. Likewise, it’s easier to upsell existing clients that sell a completely new service to a new client.

We call the above process CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) and we achieve this by sending the customer bespoke and customized communications at strategic times along the sales process.

To make the above process as seamless as possible we utilize technology and a process called marketing automation. Essentially these pieces of communications are sent autonomously once predetermined trigger is set.


As an Example


Imagine you have an insurance policy and every year your premium increases. This is obviously one of the times that you as the customer would look at an alternate provider for your insurance.

We can reduce this risk of this happening by sending pieces of communication via either email or SMS right before the premium increase notification. We would discuss the added benefits and why the user should keep their premium with you thereby reducing the potential for churn.

There are many Marketing Automation solutions on the market, and they scale from enterprise solutions to SME solutions.


Please Remember


It’s also crucial to strike the fine balance of routine communication and over communication and becoming irritating. We can segment audiences and test pieces of communication. This helps us find out which works best and what sort of frequency we should be using.

In closing, CRM is the strategic approach, the creative and the method in which you converse with your clients. Marketing Automation is the autonomous system which drives CRM. A / B tests it and optimises communication so that it is delivered as strategically as possible.


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